"Yield not to disasters, but press onward the more bravely."


Where does the name Aeneas come from?

The subject of Virgil's epic The Aenied, Aeneas was a Trojan hero who escaped from the scene of Troy's destruction with his family. He was summoned to guide the remaining Trojans in search of a new home after the ruin of their native city. During his adventures, he became renowned for his leadership, wisdom, bravery and devotion to his parents. Finally bringing his people to Italy, Aeneas is regarded as the founder of the Roman people.

We chose "Aeneas" as our namesake in 1995 because of our business mission: to strengthen communication, and our commitment to customer service. Like our services crossing great distances to bring people together in communication, Virgil's Aeneas is a model of leadership not limited by geographic boundaries. His worthiness of his people's trust acts as a model of our dedication to our customers and our responsibility to those we serve.

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About Aeneas Internet and Telephone

Founded in 1995 as Aeneas Internet Services, Aeneas has been dedicated to the expansion of technological boundaries. Over the years it has grown from offering basic dial-up Internet services to a wide range of cutting-edge telecommunications solutions. Aeneas is a regulated telephone utility in the state of Tennessee and offers a myriad of services including nationwide Internet access, local and long distance service in Tennessee, Voice over Internet, commercial web hosting and design, Internet backbone connectivity for businesses, broadband Internet, off-site file storage and disaster preparedness options.

Aeneas has a long history of firsts, and a particular sensitivity to the often neglected needs of rural communities. It was the first company to bring Internet to rural Tennessee, and soon after its creation became West Tennessee's largest Internet provider. Aeneas was also the first to bring broadband Internet to rural Tennessee. And in 1999, Aeneas expanded into the telephone industry as Aeneas Internet and Telephone when it became Tennessee's first and only Tennessee-owned, facilities based Competitive Local Exchange Carrier (CLEC). In 2004, Aeneas became the first Tennessee-based VoIP carrier, over the largest municipal FTTH (fiber to the home) network in the country, once again taking a place on the front lines of the latest telecommunications breakthrough.

Rebirth, Recovery, and Reinvention
In 2003, it seemed as if the steady growth of the company would be brought to a violent halt when the home office of Aeneas Internet and Telephone was struck by an F-4 tornado. The building was completely destroyed along with a large amount of valuable equipment. It seems appropriate that Aeneas was named for the hero of Virgil's The Aenied, who survived the destruction of Troy to become the founder of Rome. Like its mythical namesake, Aeneas Internet and Telephone was able to survive the disaster and continue to thrive. Through excellent contingency planning, Aeneas restored the bulk of its services within 72 hours. It was a long, hard struggle, but the advanced preparations, hard work of the Aeneas staff, and support and help from the community allowed Aeneas to continue servicing customers without interruption during the rebuilding process. Aeneas was recognized by the Department of Homeland Security for the company's quick recovery, and was chosen to take part in a 2004 national ad campaign on disaster preparedness. A year after the tornado, Aeneas moved into new permanent headquarters in downtown Jackson, Tennessee.

Philosophy for Business
Aeneas offers a myriad of services small business and enterprise. Aeneas is committed to do more than provide customers with a dial-tone or an Internet connection. Aeneas believes the right technology, chosen carefully with the benefit of experience and used to the greatest advantage, is an asset to any business. That's why the company partners with its customers to facilitate business growth by working together to find a telecom solution tailored to fit the specific needs of each business. At Aeneas the customer is always the first priority, and the company is dedicated to the needs of each individual customer.

Looking Toward the Future
Aeneas Internet & Telephone has weathered many storms, has thrived while facing challenges, and continues to anticipate many exciting technological advances. The firm has always looked to the future - keeping a finger on the pulse of the next big technological breakthrough. Now, more than ever, Aeneas is dedicated to bringing the most advanced technology to Tennessee, its rural communities, and to Jackson. These technologies can benefit Tennessee by creating jobs, drawing industry, and retaining young people in the state. Aeneas will continue pioneering new technologies like Voice Over Internet (VoIP) and broadband services and look forward to the next challenge.



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