If you are thinking about replacing your phone system, now is the time to think about the Aeneas Business phone system.  The market for business class phone systems is rapidly changing and Aeneas is staying on top of the drastic shift.  In the past two years, we have seen businesses migrating from traditional PBXs to a Voice over IP (VoIP) service.  Some of the latest North American research study indicates of those companies who migrate from a traditional PBX to VoIP, 51% convert to a Hosted PBX1.

Aeneas Business Phone system is where Aeneas delivers telephony services to businesses, using clusters of servers and software from our core network.  We leverage our own architecture to create a solution that has superior uptime, geographic redundancy and support tools versus the traditional premises-based PBX.

Aeneas Business Phone system takes the worry of maintenance and other downsides to purchasing a physical phone system. Due to the popularity and adoption of virtual machines and other cloud technologies, buisnesses are more comfortable with the idea of moving their voice services to a monthly recurring model, in which hardware is maintained with the service.

With our Hosted PBX you will enjoy:

  • Low up front cost – There is no traditional PBX to purchase
  • Predictable Operating Expense – You know exactly how much your monthly expense will be
  • No Maintenance Expenses – Maintenance is included in the monthly charge
  • Business continuity –The phone system resides in our secure facility so in the event of a disastrous situation, you can easily reconfigure calls to be routed to an alternative number (such as another location, home or to a mobile device)
  • No Obsolescence – New enhancements are delivered on an ongoing routine basis

Aeneas Hosted PBX makes buying a new phone system easy.  We offer an incredible array of features and capabilities at a fraction of the cost of an onsite phone system. 

Do you have a request for customization?  With our A La Carte Features you can build the package to best suit your individual need. 

Give us a call today at 731.554.9200 to speak to a qualified representative about the Aeneas Business Phone system.

1 Byran Grimm, Cloud PBX Market Offer Guide October 2014.

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