Determining battery life can be a tricky business. It’s often promoted based on design life, defined as how long the battery can be expected to perform under ideal conditions.
Battery service and maintenance are critical to UPS reliability. A gradual decrease in battery life can be monitored and evaluated through voltage checks, load testing or monitoring. Periodic preventive maintenance extends battery string life by preventing loose connections, removing corrosion and identifying bad batteries before they can affect the rest of the string.
Even though sealed batteries are sometimes referred to as maintenance-free, they still require scheduled maintenance and service. Maintenance-free simply refers to the fact that they don’t require fluid.
Without regular maintenance, your UPS battery may experience heat-generating resistance at the terminals, improper loading, reduced protection and premature failure. With proper maintenance, the end of battery life can be accurately estimated and replacements scheduled without unexpected downtime or loss of backup power.
Our service plan covers the yearly inspection of UPS units and if needed battery replacement on traditional 12v 9AH or similar VRLA battery which are commonly found in UPS units rated up to 475VA. For systems larger than this, our service plan still provides inspection and our recommendation. We will then notify of anything that needs to be replaced and what costs may be associated before the work is done.

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